Jean-Michel Guy | Cultural Ministry France
Jean-Michel Guy

Prof. Dr. Paul Bouissac |  University of Toronto 
Paul Bouissac

Prof. Dr. Philippe Goudard | University Paul Valery Montpellier France
Philippe Goudard

Prof. Dr. Camilla Damkjaer | Stockholm University of the Arts
Camilla Damkjaer



Franziska Trapp | University of Münster
Franziska Trapp

Katharina Rein |  Humbolt University Berlin
Katharina Rein

Sara Benoist I University of Paris – Sorbonne

Gaia Vimercati | Trinity College Dublin
Gaia Vimercati-1

Ante Ursic | New York University
Ante Ursic

Elena Lydia Kreusch | University of Vienna

Sandy Sun | Circus Aerial Choreographer Paris
Sandy Sun

Katharina Görgen | University of Cologne
Katharina Goergen

Jonas Eklund | Stockholm University
Jonas Eklund

Extreme Symbiosis | Acrobatic Duo
Extreme Symbiosis








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